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Academy Award-Winning Actress & Cancer Survivor

Kathy Bates is an Oscar-winning actress for her role in 1990's Misery. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003, she is now in remission.

Actor & Activist

A prolific actor of stage and screen, Rob Lowe is known for his roles in The Outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire, Wayne's World, The West Wing, and, most recently, Parks and Recreation. He is also a dedicated cancer...

Singer, Actress, Breast Cancer Survivor & Philanthropist

Olivia Newton-John has enjoyed many successes in her career. With three Grammys, numerous American Music and People's Choice Awards, five #1 hits, and 15 top ten singles to her credit, she also starred opposite JohnTravolta in one of the most...

Author & Breast Cancer Survivor

In her best-selling memoir, The Middle Place, speaker Kelly Corrigan recounts how she cared for her cancer-afflicted father while battling breast cancer herself.

Entertainment Journalist & Breast Cancer Survivor

Giuliana Rancic is an entertainment journalist, fashion and beauty expert, and television personality with over 2 million followers on Twitter.

Actress & Cancer Survivor

A celebrity speaker and actress who became a household name starring in The Nanny, the series she invented and developed from "pitch" to production, Drescher is a larger than life personality that reflects her substantial talent....

Academy Award-Winning Actor

One of the most prominent actors, directors and producers in Hollywood, Michael Douglas has repeatedly chosen to work on politically influential and controversial motion pictures. As a celebrity keynote speaker, long-time champion of social and...

Emmy-Nominated TV Host

Best known as the co-host of Dancing with the Stars (ABC) and Entertainment Tonight (CBS), Samantha Harris is also a breast cancer survivor (diagnosed at 40). Since speaking publicly about her battle, she has enthralled audiences...

Olympic Gold Medalist, Health Advocate & Cancer Survivor

An unmatched athlete, celebrated health advocate, cancer survivor, and mother, Shannon Miller is an extraordinary individual who intimately understands the day-to-day plights that women experience, and compassionately endeavors to assist them as...

Co-Founder of The Boston Beer Co. & Founder/CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery

Recognized as the most successful woman in the beer and spirits industries, business speaker Rhonda Kallman is the co-founder of Boston Beer Company and the Founder and CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery. Her presentations explores overcoming...

Co-Founder and Executive VP, The Documentary Group

Kayce Freed Jennings is co-founder and executive vice president of The Documentary Group, an independent production company. The Documentary Group produced Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, which was nominated for a...

Author, Healthcare/Disease Prevention Analyst & CEO, The Health & Wellness Institute

An advisor and frequent media contributor, speaker Michael Samuelson speaks on leadership, health promotion, patient experience, health policy and disease prevention.

Award-Winning Journalist & Television Producer

In the eighteen years since her diagnosis, Ellerbee has been appearing before sell-out audiences all over the country to tell her story about living with breast cancer. An outspoken journalist, award-winning television producer, and best-selling...

Actor, Desperate Housewives

A Desperate Housewives star, speaker Ricardo Antonio Chavira is San Antonio's honorary spokesman for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Actress, Author & Activist

Maria Bello is an internationally renowned actor, activist and author of Whatever… Love Is Love, a book due out in April 2015 that makes a compelling argument about the fluidity of partnerships, and how families today come in a myriad...

Correspondent, 20/20

An award-winning political and lifestyle reporter, speaker Lynn Sherr is a 20/20 correspondent who specializes in women's issues and social change.

Award-Winning Actors

Best known for their portrayals of Ann Kelsey and Stuart Markowitz on NBC's long-running hit series L.A. Law, these two have gone on to do much more with their careers than win awards. Eikenberry has co-produced a one-hour documentary for...

Legendary MLB Manager

Ranked in the MLB's top five for managerial wins, speaker Joe Torre led the Yankees to three World Series titles. Respected for his tenacity, he shares what it takes to win.

Best-Selling Author & Heart Health Activist

At 39, while doing a story of heart disease, Joan Lunden failed the heart health test. With determination to transform her life, she lost 50 pounds and became an activist for The American Heart Association.

Actor & Son of President Gerald Ford

The son of former President Gerald R. Ford, speaker Steve Ford is an accomplished actor who speaks on growing up in the White House, leadership, and overcoming obstacles.

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