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Chris Sacca

Google & Twitter Innovation Guru

Jehan Sadat

Messenger of Peace

Robert Safian

Editor & Managing Director, Fast Company

Pasi Sahlberg

Renowned Finnish Educator & Scholar

Synthia Saint James

World Renowned Multicultural Visual Artist

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Advisor, World Economic Forum

Roberto Salas

Prize-Winning Photojournalist

Peter Salgo

Healthcare Futurist & Correspondent

Taraneh Salke

Filmmaker & Founder, Family Health Alliance

John Salley

NBA Champion & Wellness Advocate

Shane Salter

Child Advocate

Michael Samuelson

Author, Healthcare/Disease Prevention Analyst & CEO, The Health & Wellness Institute

Mark Sanborn

Leadership Development Expert

Claudio Sanchez

Education Correspondent, NPR

Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiving Speaker & Author

Francisco Sanchez

Former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

Leslie Sanchez

Political Analyst, Author & Entrepreneur

Sonia Sanchez

Poet, Professor & Activist

Tim Sanders

Technology Pioneer, Best Selling Author & Conference Keynote Speaker

Matthew Sandusky

Child Sexual Abuse Survivor & Co-Founder of Peaceful Hearts Foundation

Adriana Sanford

Professor, Corporate Lawyer (International/Comparative) & Broadcaster

Esmeralda Santiago

Author & Documentary Filmmaker

Susan Sarandon

Academy-Winning Actress & Activist

David Satcher

16th US Surgeon General

Terry Savage

Finance & Investment Guru

Andrew Savitz

Corporate Social Responsibility Expert

Diane Sawyer

Anchor, ABC World News

Jeremy Scahill

Journalist & Warfare Expert

Marc Scarpa

Veteran Director & Executive Producer of Live Participatory Media

Mark Scharenbroich

Corporate Motivator

Dan Schawbel

Partner & Research Director, Future Workplace

Rob Scheer

Founder of Comfort Cases

Jesse Schell

Videogame Designer

Peter Schiff

Economic Forecaster

Dawn Schiller

Sex Trafficking Survivor & Domestic Violence Prevention Activist

Mike Schlappi

Paralympic Medalist

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Expert on the Global Economy

Marianne Schnall

Founder & Executive Director of

Allison Schroeder

Academy Award-Nominated Screenwriter, Hidden Figures

Nathan Schulhof

Inventor of the MP3

Connie Schultz

Pulitzer-Winning Columnist

Edward Schumacher-Matos

Columnist & Global Affairs Expert

Greg Schwem

Corporate Funnyman

David Meerman Scott

Real-Time Marketing & Sales Strategist, Author of Ten Books on the Subject

Kendra Scott

Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

John Sculley

Former President of PepsiCo & CEO of Apple

Bobby Seale

Political Activist & Humanist

Amanda "Diva" Seales

Poet, Spoken Word Artist & Media Personality

Sebastian Marroquín

Best-Selling Author & Son of Columbian Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar

Liz Seccuro

Rape Survivor, Victims' Advocate, Author

The Second City

Legendary Comedy Troupe

Lance Secretan

Corporate Coach, Mentor & Author

Bryan Seely

World Famous Cyber Security Expert & Ethical Hacker

Joshua Seftel

Emmy-Winning Film Director

Robert Sege

Director, Boston Medical Center Child Protection Team

Larraine Segil

Global Business Consultant

Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou

Minister & Social Activist

Jeffrey Selingo

Washington Post Columnist & Author

Bakari Sellers

CNN Political Analyst, Lawyer & Activist

Jennifer Senior

Journalist & Best-Selling Author of All Joy and No Fun

Danny Seo

Editor in Chief of Naturally, Danny Seo & Host of the NBC TV show Naturally, Danny Seo

Jane Seymour

Entrepreneur, Actress & Philanthropist

Ambassador Shabazz

Daughter of Malcolm X and Diplomat

Ross Shafer

Entertainer & Customer Service Expert

Mansoor Shams

U.S. Marine Veteran & Muslim Youth Leader

Al Sharpton

Political & Social Activist

Jack Shaw

Business Technology Futurist

Rachel Shechtman

Founder of Story

Gail Sheehy

Author of Daring: My Passages and the NY Times Bestseller Passages

David Sheff

Author of Beautiful Boy

Nic Sheff

Author & Recovering Addict

Parry Shen

Actor & Graphic Novelist

Eric Sheninger

Senior Fellow at International Center for Leadership in Education

Cybill Shepherd

Award-Winning Actress

Ernestine Shepherd

World's Oldest Female Bodybuilder

Sherri Shepherd

Award-Winning Comedienne, Actress & TV Personality

Casey Sherman

Best-Selling Author, Storyteller

Lynn Sherr

Correspondent, 20/20

Jenny Shipley

Director & Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Tiffany Shlain

Filmmaker & Founder of the Webby Awards

Sarah Shourd

Teacher & Activist Captured by Iranian Forces

Arun Shourie

India's Leading Journalist

Michael Shrimpton

Intelligence & Terrorism Expert

Tim Shriver

Chairman, Special Olympics

Gary Shteyngart

Award-Winning Author

Don Shula

Legendary NFL Coach & Motivator

Mikhail Shvydkoy

Former Russian Minister of Culture

Jeremy Siegel

Finance Professor & Author

Nancy Silberkleit

Co-CEO, Archie Comic Publications

David Silverman

Animation Director, The Simpsons

Robyn Silverman

Body Image, Bullying Expert & Leadership, Success Coach

Amy Silverstein

Heart Transplant Survivor

Alicia Silverstone

Actress & Animal Rights Activist

Joseph "Reverend Run" Simmons

Entrepreneur, Music Icon & Spiritual Leader

Justine Simmons

Motivator & Philanthropist

Rachel Simmons

Bullying and Leadership Expert

Peter Sims

Leadership and Innovation Advisor

Peter Singer

Strategist and Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, Founder of NeoLuddite & Bestselling Author

Alpana Singh

Proprietor, Master Sommelier & Author

Glenn Singleton

Founder of Pacific Educational Group, Inc.

John Singleton

Producer, Director & Screenwriter

Yashwant Sinha

Former Finance Minister of India

Eric Sinoway

Expert in Partnership Development & Author

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

First Female President of Liberia & Nobel Peace Laureate

Gary Small

Brain Science Expert

Elizabeth Smart

Abduction Survivor & Best-Selling Author

Vaclav Smil

Renowned Expert on Energy, Environment, Food & Technical Advances

Tavis Smiley

Political Commentator & TV Personality

Karina Smirnoff

Dancer, Dancing with the Stars

Chad "Corntassel" Smith

Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation

Ian Smith

Doctor, Author & Media Consultant

JJ Smith

Certified Nutritionist & Weight-Loss Expert

Judy Smith

Crisis Management Expert, Author & Inspiration for Scandal

Stephen C. Smith

Global Economist

Rick Smolan

Photographer & Big Data Expert

Jurnee Smollett

Actress & Singer

Sherri Snelling

CEO & Founder, The Caregiving Club

Dennis Snow

Customer Service Expert

Shane Snow

Bestselling Author of Smartcuts & Chief Creative Officer of Contently

David Pearce Snyder

Social Forecaster & Consultant

Rachel Louise Snyder

Global Writer & Journalist

Nancy Snyderman

Former Chief Medical Editor, NBC News

Don Soderquist

Former Vice Chairman, Wal-Mart

Javier Solana

International Relations Expert

Pedro Solbes

European Politician & Finance Expert

Kevin Sorbo

Actor & Stroke Survivor

Mira Sorvino

Academy Award-winning Actress & Human Rights Advocate

Sister Souljah

Rap Artist & Community Activist

David Sousa

Innovative Educational Consultant

Paula Span

Journalist & Expert on Caregiving for the Elderly

Hal Sparks

Actor & Comedian

Joshua Sparrow

Child & Family Psychiatrist

Steven Spear

Innovation & Operational Expert

Robert Spector

Customer Service Expert

Nancy Spielberg

Accomplished Businesswoman, Fundraiser & Philanthropist

Caroll Spinney

Puppeteer of Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch, Author & Artist

Mark Spitz

Legendary Olympic Swimmer

Jerry Springer

Cultural Icon & Talk Show Host

Steven Squyres

Scientific Investigator, NASA

Laura Stack

Productivity & Time Management Expert

Susan Stamberg

NPR Special Correspondent

Patti Stanger

The Millionaire Matchmaker

Claude Steele

Psychologist & Stereotype Expert

Andy Stefanovich

Corporate Curator & Provocateur

Ben Stein

Pop Icon & Economist

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Preventive Cardiologist & Acclaimed Author

Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair

Internationally Recognized Clinical Psychologist

Laura Sessions Stepp

Expert on Young People & Sexuality

Capitol Steps

Political Musical Troupe

Bruce Sterling

Futurist & Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Author

Rick Steves

Leading Authority on European Travel

Alice Stewart

CNN Political Commentator

Jon Stewart

Talk Show Host & Comedian

Martha Stewart

America's Most Trusted Lifestyle Expert

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist

David and Jonah Stillman

Generational & Workplace Experts

Gregory Stock

Human Genetics & Evolution Expert

Alex Stone

Magician & Author

Katherine Stone

Postpartum Depression & Women's Mental Health Advocate

Sharon Stone

Award-Winning Actress & Activist

Randy Street

Leadership Expert

Vivian Stringer

Inspirational Basketball Coach

Les "Survivorman" Stroud

Host, Survivorman

Kayt Sukel

Cultural Scientist & Author, The Art of Risk & This is Your Brain On Sex

Manil Suri

Author, The Death of Vishnu

Ron Suskind

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Author

David Suzuki

Environmentalist & Scientist

Adora Svitak

Child Prodigy & Education Advocate

Julia Sweeney

Comedian & Cancer Survivor

Sheryl Swoopes

Basketball Superstar & Motivator

Maia Szalavitz

Award-Winning Neuroscience Author & Journalist

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