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Troy Carter

Tech Venture Capitalist, Founder of The Atom Factory, Entertainment Mogul


Troy Carter is the founder and CEO of Atom Factory, an entertainment company at the nexus of music, technology and media. Most recently, he joined Spotify as its global head of creator services, overseeing the company’s relationships with artists, songwriters and record companies. Adding speaking engagements to his impressive portfolio of expertise, Carter recounts stories of his humble beginnings and business successes in multiple fields.

Carter rose to prominence as concert promoter and talent manager whose early employers included Will Smith and P. Diddy. He broke into artist management nurturing the career of hip-hip sensation Eve before transforming Lady Gaga into a global pop phenomenon through the nascent innovation of social media. His forays into the tech world resulted in the formation of Atom Factory, which includes his Cross Culture investment fund.

In his forthright, future-forward speeches and keynotes, Carter lays out the finer points of beats, bytes and big ideas, among which are the most compelling in business today.



Community, Connection, Consumption: Building Word of Mouth That Translates Into Sales & Superstardom

In this presentation surveying all aspects of Troy Carter's diverse career, beginning as a concert promoter and continuing with his present-day stints as talent manager, CEO and tech entrepreneur, the multi-faceted Atom Factory mogul examines the role of creating word of mouth that translates into sales and superstardom. Examining the trajectory of musical artists like John Legend and Meghan Trainor, as well as his recent forays into technology investing, Carter makes a case for community and connection as the nexus of today's most important deals, with social media as a core principal and galvanizing force.

Slow Bake vs. Microwave: Building & Growing an Authentic (Hungry) Audience the Organic Way

With the Internet and the 24-hour news cycle came the shortening of the collective attention span but for CEO and entrepreneur Troy Carter, who began his career as a pop music talent manager, it's all about building superstars who endure. Examining case studies from his stellar roster of current performers, including John Legend, Meghan Trainor and up-and-coming Charlie Puth, Carter discusses growing and building new talent organically through social media channels as well as the real-world visibility that comes through the established realm of live tours, media presence and personal appearances.

Beats, Bytes & Big Ideas: A Master Class In Hustle

In 2016, Troy Carter publishes his memoir detailing the art of hustle, beginning with his roots as a concert promoter in Philadelphia and a talent manager in Los Angeles and New York City before he became a tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and CEO of Atom Factory. In this presentation he draws from the big ideas that shaped him as a leader in entertainment and technology, helping launch the careers of Lady Gaga, John Legend and Meghan Trainor while investing in the future of tech luminaries like Uber, Spotify and Dropbox.

The Upside of Failure: How Entrepreneurial Pitfalls Pave the Way for Stronger Success

Not every path to success is paved with gold at every step — part of winning often means making mistakes that provide new insights into how to do better the next time around. In this presentation, Troy examines the snafus and setbacks in his own career that wound up sending him in new directions and enhanced his trajectory rather than stifled it. Pitfalls often lead to pivots — those magical about-face directional shifts that are like Eureka moments for positive and productive change. Once we learn to embrace failure, starting anew becomes a rejuvenating force.

Diversification & the Atom Factory: Moving Beyond Your Core Business

In this presentation on growing your business, Troy examines his early career in the music business and his subsequent pivot into tech and media circles, offering insight into leveraging the influence you have in one category so that you can successfully operate in others. Drawing examples from all facets of his multi-varied career, Carter shows what it means to wear multiple hats in an ever-changing business environment where sitting still can spell instant peril. Learning to think outside the box is only the first step in broadening your core business. Whether you work in entertainment, tech, media or other business sectors, Carter will help shift your focus towards diversification — the sweet spot of right now that is refreshingly all over the map.

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