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Rick Belluzzo and Krish Dhanam

Hard Headed and Soft Hearted- Lessons from the Boardroom to the Breakroom Seminar


In 2013, Rick Belluzzo and Krish Dhanam co-authored Hard Headed and Softhearted: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room, in which they share a series of principles built around the view that sustainable success requires developing practices that embrace both IQ and EQ to achieve results. Now, this collection of lessons and principles has become an exclusive seminar that all businesses can learn and thrive from.

Belluzzo learned early in life the importance of hard work and ambition. Upon graduating San Francisco’s Golden Gate University, he began his career at Hewlett-Packard. He continued at Hewlett-Packard for 23 years, eventually leading 76,000 employees and accounting for over two-thirds of the company revenue.

After gaining a reputation as a leader who can transform technology companies, Belluzzo became CEO of SGI where he worked to stabilize and redirect the company. In 1999, he was recruited to join Microsoft as a group vice president of the consumer business. The most notable success was the development and launch of the X-Box gaming system. In 2002, Belluzzo left Microsoft and became the chairman and CEO of Quantum Corporation, a leader in data storage. He led the company through a major transition from an OEM supplier of storage devices to a leader in storage systems for data protection.

Throughout his career, Belluzzo has made a name for himself by managing through demanding change. He focuses on transforming businesses, which has become the foundation for his involvement in consulting and speaking.

The road Krish Dhanam took to becoming one of the most dynamic speakers in America began in southeast India with the dream of moving to America. He arrived in New York City in 1986 with nine dollars in his pocket and a burning desire to achieve the levels of success he’d seen in the American-made movies he viewed as a child.

Dhanam won a sales contest and a ticket to a seminar conducted by Zig Ziglar. That chance encounter in 1991 led to an association with Zig and his company, Ziglar, Inc., that exists until this day. From telemarketer to Vice President of Training for Ziglar Training Worldwide and Director of International Operations for Ziglar Training Systems, Dhanam’s climb to the top has been phenomenal. He learned firsthand what it takes to be a stand-apart speaker from his mentor, friend, and now colleague.

Dhanam’s professional speaking career has taken him over a million miles. He has shared the speaking platform with Zig Ziglar more often than any other speaker, offering a dynamic, energetic, engaging, and often riveting speaking style that can take a listener from laughter to tears and back again in an instant. His message of hope, his passion for freedom, and his immigrant’s perspective leave his audiences inspired, grateful, and challenged.

Dhanam’s background, experience, and wisdom—wisdom that comes only by climbing your way to the top—position him perfectly to teach and inspire you and your organization. If you want your people to have a “can do” attitude and to approach problems proactively from their own initiative, contract Dhanam.

This seminar can allow your business to gain insights into how to make tough decisions, understand the communication continuum, learn how to take on crisis, and why opportunities are so important. In the end, you will be provided with invaluable lessons from the top motivational speakers in the industry.

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Hard Headed Soft Hearted - Lessons from the Boardroom to the Breakroom Seminar

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