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Mike Leonard

NBC Correspondent / Author


It’s okay to be an everyman. To make your own way in life. It is the little wayward moments, chance encounters, mistakes, and detours along the way that make life fulfilling as you make your own footprint, trying to find your destiny.

Take a look at Mike Leonard. Millions watch his wry and witty feature stories on the often-overlooked aspects of life on The Today Show where his profound and profoundly funny observations and musings tell stories of the everyman and the everyday. Leonard’s insight into human nature, sense of humor, and knack for storytelling earned him the gig with Today, where he created his own job and his own assignments.

In addition to his regular assignments for Today, Leonard’s stories have appeared on NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Dateline, NBC Sports and MSNBC. He shares the foibles and passions of his own blessedly unique family in The Ride of Our Lives, a hilarious and deeply moving chronicle of laughs and lessons learned.

Leonard has found his way as an average guy with a hobby for making home videos and carved out a path to success. He emphasizes that life is made of little moments that loom large and if you are open to possibility of failure, of letting the slight wind change the course of your sails, you will find success and really enjoy life.


Blessed Imperfection – Learning Life's Greatest Lessons

In his highly entertaining keynote speech, Mike Leonard decries the tendency of many people today who want to raise perfect children. They are under the misconception that their child's "resume" has to be without flaws. That their child's future is in jeopardy because he or she received a "C" on a high school test. He notes that parents and other adults supporting children are so concerned with not allowing those children to falter-- that they never allow them to fail. These adults seldom encourage children to take any risks of failure in order to challenge themselves. Children need to know that it's ok to make mistakes. It is important that one learn about life's ups and downs during childhood because if we don't allow children to experience this in their youth, they will not know how to cope with life's obstacles and setbacks in adulthood. Through an adult's encouragement, a child will develop that all important self confidence and learn to trust their own inner voice.

Using anecdotes from his own life and the many people he has encountered in his travels, Leonard entertains and inspires us all to instill our children with the tools that will serve them well in adulthood!

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