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Mariane Pearl

Widow of Journalist Daniel Pearl


On January 23, 2002, Mariane Pearl’s world changed forever when her husband Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl left for a meeting in Pakistan and never returned. An event that shocked the world, Islamic extremists killed Pearl and left a five-month-pregnant Mariane to stand alone in the face of death.

Her story once again stirs our national consciousness with the release of the film A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie as Mariane. A harrowing, but inspiring account of her struggle with overwhelming tragedy and her refusal to give in to prejudice, A Mighty Heart traces Mariane’s journey from the initial shock of her loss, through the intense effort to find Daniel, to her life after him. Woven throughout is her courageous desire to rise above the bitterness and hatred to keep her husband’s spirit alive.

Choosing to live a full life with her son, Mariane is determined not to be broken. Intelligent and articulate, she reveals the resilient spirit that has guided her through her darkest days. Although she firmly believes in pursuing justice, she displays a unique strength as she continues living and valuing life, something her husband would have wanted her to do. With a vision that transcends religion, race, and nationality, Mariane is a living example that hope always wins out over despair.

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