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Leroy Chiao



Ever since he was a little boy, Dr. Leroy Chiao wanted to explore the galaxy. Now a veteran of four space missions, Astronaut Chiao has logged over 229 days as a commander at the International Space Station. Working with other astronauts from all over the world, Dr. Chiao has been a leader in the American, Russian, Japanese, European and Chinese space programs. On top of his vast technical knowledge and biomedical expertise, Chiao has used his life of exploration and adventure to inspire others to pursue their dreams and become the definition of greatness.

The co-founder and president of Black Moon Corporation, a space and conservation startup, Chiao is applying his experience as an astronaut to the technology startup world. His entrepreneurial success and accomplished track record enables him to give audiences an unparalleled glimpse into how the lessons and skills he learned as an astronaut can be applied to the business world. Chiao discusses how innovative problem solving, intuitive thinking and efficient leadership – all skills he perfected as an astronaut – can be applied to help any business grow and develop new methods of thinking. Furthermore, his broad technical expertise allows him to offer compelling insights into the future of technology and the need for a renewed focus on meaningful disruption and innovation.

Being one of the few people to have seen the Earth from space, Chiao has a truly unique view of the world. In his presentations, he offers his global perspective on operational leadership, decision-making and how to successfully manage teams of people with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Intelligent, motivating and enigmatic, Chiao encourages audiences to reach for the stars, and beyond.


  • 2012: Appointed CEO Diomics Corporation
  • 2010: Member of the NASA advisory council
  • 2009: Member of the White House-appointed Review of US Human Spaceflight Plans Committee
  • 2006: Appointed Chairman, National Space Biomedical. Research Institute User Panel
  • 2006: Became the first American to visit the Astronaut Research and Training Center of China.
  • 2006: Appointed the first Raborn Distinguished Chair Max Faget Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at Lousiana State University
  • 2004: Received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal
  • 1996, 2000: Received NASA Exceptional Service Medals
  • 1990-2005: Worked as a NASA Astronaut and Research Engineer
  • 1983 1985, 1987: BS from University of California at Berkeley, Master of Science and PH.D. from University of California at Santa Barbara


Leading in the International Arena

In this shrinking world and universe, opportunities abound for professionals who realize the importance and advantages of international teams. Understanding nuances, and integrating different cultures and customs, are key to effectiveness. Experience the unique lessons learned from preparing for and flying international space missions, from the perspective of a Chinese-American Astronaut working with Russian, Japanese, European and Canadian astronauts and specialists.

Positioning Your Endeavor - Technology Innovation Trends

Understanding where innovation is driving technology trends is key to planning the future of your enterprise. Dr. Leroy Chiao is no stranger to this world. He earned three degrees in chemical engineering and a Q-clearance for nuclear secrets at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, before embarking on his 15-year career as a NASA astronaut and space station commander. Since leaving NASA, Chiao has applied his experience in the technology startup world. He is currently the co-founder and president of a space/conservation startup, and has served as CEO of a medical materials company. With this expertise, he offers an exciting glimpse into life on the next quantum level. Dr. Chiao presents a world in which technology is accelerating much more quickly than ever before, presenting new opportunities for you and your business.

Effective Problem Solving: How to Lead Like an Astronaut

Effective operational leadership in solving problems can make the difference between life and death, success and failure. Lessons learned from operational spaceflight apply directly to you and your business! Dr. Leroy Chiao shares his experiences of the commander of a 193-day mission aboard the International Space Station, including real emergency situations. Dr. Chiao uses his personal experience aboard spacecraft to illustrate how reaching for the stars is important, but even more so is honing the operational decision making skills required to not only stay alive, but to thrive.

Is it SADS, Or Am I in Space? Medical Considerations for Spaceflight

Spaceflight is a magical, life-changing experience. However, there is a darker side to the adventure. Serious medical issues, both acute and chronic, occur in every phase of flight, and it is these biomedical challenges that limit our ability to send astronauts on longer and more distant missions – not the technology of spacecraft or technical systems. Dr. Chiao first became interested in space biomedicine after experiencing changes in physiology during his first Space Shuttle mission, and has now served as the user panel chairmen for the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, as well as the biomedical engineering lead for the Center of Space Medicine. In this presentation, Dr. Chiao weaves the physiological effects of the space environment with his personal stories and adventures in space. He also examines the synergy between the development of operational countermeasures and diagnostics for spaceflight, and the creation of healthcare solutions on Earth.

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