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Judy Collins

Legendary Folk Singer & Activist


Few artists have as much staying power as music icon Judy Collins. She has celebrated over 50 years of recording with 37 albums, top ten hits, Grammy wins, and gold and platinum status. It is certainly no wonder that she was the muse for the classic rock song “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

Through her extraordinary passion for words and music, she was able to survive the pain of losing her son when he committed suicide at age 33. She is the author of the books Sanity and Grace, a deeply moving memoir of her journey from agony to hope and clarity, and the 2011 memoir Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, an evocative, deeply personal account of her life, in which she talks about her alcoholism, her relationships, and the music that helped define a generation. Her new book, Cravings: How I Conquered Food, recounts, with good humor but brutal honesty, her lifelong battle against compulsive overeating. From bulimia to alcoholism, pill addiction to fad dieting, Judy details how her many failed attempts at dieting before finally reaching a solution.

Collins offers solace in the face of grief and loss. She breaks down the barriers of helplessness and secrecy to openly discuss the after-effects of suicide. Speaking clearly and with a gift for creative expression, she assures us all that there is only one way to heal: right through the pain. In her deepest moments of suffering, Collins found relief by reaching out to others for help and support. Now she extends her hand to comfort other survivors whose lives have been affected by similar tragedies.

In line with her belief in creativity’s power to nourish the soul, Judy Collins has also written Morning, Noon, and Night: Living the Creative Life, an enthralling peek into her creative mind. Her versatility and sensitivity continue to draw the world to her remarkable talent.

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The Healing Power of Art & Music

This is an intimate program that will take the viewer on Collins' own personal journey into creativity as she explores the healing power of art and music. It is about bringing creativity into your daily life in order to enhance the quality of life, even for those who do not consider themselves to be "artistic." Collins will discuss how anyone can bring this natural healing power into his own life, and how to gain access to your body's healing wisdom through music and art. Art and music can "move" painful, stress-producing emotions outside of your body, can help heal the pain in your life. Art and music, called "the medicine of the future" can help improve immune system function, alleviate depression and relieve pain. She leaves you with the inspiration and the tools to tap into your own deep well of creativity.

Morning, Noon & Night: My Approach to the Creative Process

Everyone has some innate creativity, but have you ever wondered how creative genius is nurtured and maintained? Even the most gifted artist has to work. Hard. Collins gives an enthralling glimpse into the creative mind of a woman known for her songs, books, and watercolors. By carefully describing her approach to the creative process and breaks down each day of that process into morning, noon, and night, she offers insight into how to stay creative throughout the entire day.

A charming storyteller, Collins engaging anecdotes about her life and the struggles she faced reveal not only her creative life, but also about her personal journey.

Women In Business

Sanity & Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival & Strength

Singing Lessons: Judy Collins Looks Back & Ahead

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