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Elisabeth Rosenthal

Author, Editor in Chief of Health News for Kaiser Permanente


Elisabeth Rosenthal is a journalist, author, physician and patient advocate, whose popular New York Times multimedia series "Paying Till It Hurts" examines the high cost of healthcare in America today. The former New York Times senior correspondent for 22 years is currently Editor in Chief of Health News for Kaiser Permanente. As a former E.R. physician, along with her twenty years experience as a Times correspondent, Rosenthal has the ability to translate and humanize our nation’s very complex healthcare system.

Rosenthal engages patients online, by creating an open dialogue where they share their experiences. By addressing everything from patient-physician relationships, healthcare economics and the soaring cost of medical visits, her collected data has become an invaluable reporting tool. Rosenthal provides informative and innovative remedies for so much of what ails us in America today. Her advice can help patients navigate a complex system and get better, more affordable care.

Sharing successful care models and bold new ways of transforming our system, Rosenthal’s presentations impact healthcare professionals, patients and policy makers. A seasoned speaker who regularly addresses both professionals in medicine and law as well as healthcare consumers, she examines the future of healthcare from a variety of angles.



A Patient's Perspective on Quality & Safety

Taking Control of Your Health & Wellness

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