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Dominique Dawes

Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Gymnast & Heart Health Advocate


Dominique Dawes is a champion in life. Bursting into the international spotlight in 1992 as part of the bronze-medal winning women’s Olympic gymnastic team, she was the first African American gymnast to ever qualify and compete in an Olympic games. A three-time Olympian, “Awesome Dawesome” catapulted into stardom, winning more national championship medals than any other athlete, and is now the most decorated gymnast on the US women’s Olympic team.

Since her Olympic glory, Dawes hasn’t rested on her laurels. Her dedication, determination, and desire have served her well as a positive role model to people across the nation. Appointed co-chair of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, she is a popular speaker who shares insights about leading a healthy, balanced life, and achieving confidence and self-esteem through both athleticism and citizenship.

As a spokesperson for multiple youth organizations, Dawes inspires her young audiences to realize their full potential and achieve a higher sense of self-esteem, paving the way for an empowered adolescence.

Talented and versatile, Dawes has appeared in the hit Broadway musical “Grease” and has established a prolific career as a sports broadcaster, covering the Olympic Games in both Beijing and Vancouver for Yahoo! Sports. As a coach, motivational speaker and President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Dominique Dawes continues to be a winning force for young women of all ages.

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Success Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Dominique Dawes won Olympic gold. But for her, success is so much more than medals and accolades: it's something she worked hard to achieve everyday en route to Olympic glory. Her journey in the sport of gymnastics lasted 18 years and in those years she stood strong on numerous podiums, leaving lasting impressions in the hearts of fans. The podium was the destination, but the long-term goal? It's the moments in between—what she calls the "journey"—that helped her realize the success that she was always striving for. Overcoming the inevitable obstacles, challenges, and doubts are the moments in the journey that build the champion in Dawes. Surrounding herself with the right team, developing the mindset to persevere and turning negative situations into life lessons is how Dawes realized Success Is a Journey, NOT a Destination.

E.N.V.I.S.I.O.N.: Reaching Your Full Potential!

ENVISION is Dawes' signature message. It is also the title of her motivational line of products. ENVISION is an acronym for the 8 principles that helped Dawes become successful in and out of the athletic arena. She crafts this speech specifically to motivate and empower the audience to envision greatness in their own lives. The core focuses are passion, plan, and perseverance.

Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Building a solid foundation was one of the keys to Dawes' success. Her emphasis on a solid foundation touches on multiples areas: from healthy lifestyle choices to developing positive self-esteem where she addresses issues such as peer pressures, productive attitudes, and values. The audience will walk away empowered, motivated, and, more importantly, clear on what it takes to build a strong foundation worthy of your dreams.

Got D-3? Determination, Dedication, Desire

D-3 became Dawes' personal motto when she was an Olympic athlete in the making. Fatigue, frustration, and loss of focus was common is such a perfectionist sport. D-3 kept Dawes focused on what was going to allow her to stay on the path to success. She paints a vivid picture of moments in the gymnastics arena where D-3 inspired her to persevere through setbacks and struggles, sacrifices and insecurities, en route to Olympic Gold. D-3 has become a staple in Dawes' athletic and professional accomplishments. She inspires audiences to develop their own personal motto that will help define and direct them in life too!

Women's Health & Heart Disease

Dominique Dawes has worked with the American Heart Association as the spokesperson for the Choose to Move program for years, advancing their goal of informing everyone on how to combat cardiovascular disease. In this keynote presentation, she focuses on the benefits of smart nutrition, everyday exercise, and commonsense core habits that each of us can implement to avoid the number one killer of women: cardiovascular disease.

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