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David Pogue

Disruptive & Future Technology Columnist, Yahoo Finance Tech Critic, CBS Tech Contributor & NOVA Host


Tech columnist and best-selling author David Pogue is one of the most entertaining, informative and enormously popular speakers out there today. Whether he’s covering self-driving cars, virtual reality, drones, “robot uprisings,” the Internet of Things, or the latest consumer electronics, his highly engaging keynotes prove that science and technology blend brilliantly with storytelling, humor, and frequently, music and song. David Pogue provides invaluable insights on how technology impacts our work, businesses, and connections with each other—now and into the future.

A long-time personal technology columnist for the New York Times, David Pogue has been at the forefront of new and emerging tech trends for nearly two decades. He is currently Tech Critic for Yahoo Finance, the world’s most-read business publication. Millions follow and trust his tech reviews, read his Scientific American columns, and enjoy his CBS Sunday Morning and NOVA reports. David’s talents as a communicator and humorous, always-entertaining style have won him multiple honors, including four Emmy Awards. He is one of the world’s best-selling “how-to” authors with more than 100 titles and 3 million copies in print. These include seven books in the For Dummies series, his own Pogue’s Basics series of essential tips and shortcuts and the Missing Manual series of computer books. Best known for previewing new consumer technology and trends and forecasting their business applications, Pogue is also one of the country’s most sought-after speakers on disruptive technology in a fast-changing world.

With a broad appeal to general, business and tech audiences alike, David Pogue brings expansive knowledge, engaging wit, and an occasional song center stage. Audiences leave as informed as they are entertained, with an enlightened perspective of the state of technology today—and how it’s shaping everyone’s tomorrow.


The Next Wave of Consumer Tech & How It Will Affect Your Business

It’s standard for consumers to adopt new technologies before institutions do. But it’s also standard for these technologies to seep into the workplace through the backdoor, as those consumers become employees. How will the coming explosions in voice control, Internet of Things, automated vehicles, the sharing economy, and TV cord-cutting affect the businesses of designing, building, and marketing goods and services in the new, hyper-connected society?

This engaging and informative talk is intended to be tailored to the client’s specific industry and business challenges. David Pogue will confer with you prior to your event to discuss your goals and customize content to make it highly relevant to your audience.

The Internet of Good Things & Bad Things

Remote-controllable devices, built with embedded sensors and constantly sending data to their owners, are the New Big Thing. Gartner predicts 21 billion of these machines in use by 2020. The new era of Connected Everything can bring safety, efficiency, and, of course, enormous savings, both in homes (lights, thermostats, appliances, security cameras…) and, especially, in industry (machines that warn when they’re about to break down, self-driving trucks, automated inventory management, and retail stores without human clerks). Which is great. But IoT is a coin with two faces. Many IoT products are pouring forth from smaller companies without any expertise in security or privacy. And, of course, the Big One: IoT promises to displace millions of jobs. What will these displaced workers do for a living—and for meaning? David Pogue gives you a comprehensive overview of IoT and what it means to your business and everyday life.

The Post-Robot Economy

Ever since the self-driving beer truck completed its run across Colorado, it’s clear we don’t need people to drive our trucks. No company in its right mind will pay for these 3.5 million humans (or the 1 million taxi, bus, and Uber drivers). Meanwhile, Amazon recently unveiled its first entirely unmanned grocery store in Seattle, where facial recognition and other sensors know what you’ve pulled off the shelf and bill you automatically. There go America’s 8 million cashiers and retail workers (6 percent of the workforce). It’s time to start thinking about the post-robot world. What will all of these displaced workers DO? Experts suggest things like a “negative income tax,” where everyone would be guaranteed a certain living stipend. But that doesn’t mean that those millions of robot-displaced workers would find MEANING in life.

In this fascinating keynote, David Pogue explores where we are on the road to automated employees, prepares audiences practically and emotionally for that very near future, assesses just how good or bad the situation will be, and evaluates some of the solutions.

Disruptive Tech: The Unrecognizable New World of Tech & Culture

Wearable tech, the cloud, drones, the quantified self, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, augmented reality: the tech of our world is changing faster and faster. But the fascinating part is the effect it’s having on the society and culture we once knew. What will life be like when printed newspapers and books are niche relics? What are the ramifications of the massive services-for-privacy trade that young people, especially, seem willing to make?

In this funny, fast-paced snapshot of the new world, Yahoo Finance Tech Critic David Pogue will bring you up to date – and help you consider what we’ll gain, what we’ll lose, and what beliefs will shift into something we’ve never seen before.

Why Products Fail

In his 25 years reviewing tech products, David Pogue has seen his share of turkeys. Many were so obviously failures a kindergartner could have spotted them. Sometimes, the problem is design. But more often, it’s procedural, having to do with misfires in communication, PR, marketing or groupthink. In this entertaining and highly insightful talk, he revisits some horrifying disasters from his career as a tech journalist. More importantly, he’ll pick apart how things went off the tracks.

David Pogue’s Tech Update

There’s a very simple premise here: If you want to know what of importance is going on in the world of technology, Yahoo Finance Tech Critic David Pogue is the perfect tour guide.

This talk is constantly updated to represent what’s going on in tech right now, whether it’s the gadgets themselves, amazing free internet services or social media shockwaves. But it’s not just the technology—wearable computers, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things. It’s also the effect it’s having on the society and culture we once knew.

This talk was originally designed for groups who hire David to return to their conferences each year, so they’d be sure to see fresh, funny material every time. But, it turned out to be a great standalone. This highly entertaining crash course covers what’s worth knowing about at the time of your event.

Dave’s Mobile Show-&-Tell

David Pogue reviews more than 200 products per year. If anyone can identify the breakthroughs, he can.

In this lively presentation—half talk, half magic show—David will present and actually demonstrate the latest and most amazing mobile gadgets and offer mini-critiques of each. The assortment changes monthly, of course, but past presentations have included the cellphone that offers unlimited free calls via Wi-Fi; the memory card that beams photos instantly onto Flickr; the secret of getting Directory Assistance for free on your cellphone (rather than $2 per call from your carrier); the latest breakthroughs in speech recognition; and of course, the coolest, latest apps.

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