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Dan Rather

Legendary Journalist & News Anchor


Those who hear Dan Rather speak often say that he is one of the most extraordinary communicators of our time. With more than 60 years spent chronicling our world and nation, few can match the authority, experience, and perspective that the famed newsman brings to almost any subject. From politics, the media, current events, and our country’s most pressing issues— to inspiring words of wisdom on leadership, education, social justice, civic involvement and the importance of philanthropy, Dan Rather speaks from the heart and treats audiences to a memorable encounter with a living legend.

With a career that began in radio and is currently shaping news coverage in social media and beyond, Dan Rather has earned his place as one of the world’s most influential and respected journalists. During 44 years at CBS, including 24 years as anchor of the CBS Evening News, he interviewed every president since Eisenhower and personally covered history-making events from the Kennedy Assassination through Viet Nam, Watergate, Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 9/11, and the Iraq Invasion. During this time, Rather earned a reputation as “the hardest working man in broadcast journalism” for simultaneously heading up the CBS Evening News, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes. He is the recipient of virtually every honor in broadcast journalism, including numerous Emmy Awards, several Peabody Awards and the 2012 Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award. Currently president and CEO of News and Guts, an independent multimedia production company, Rather remains an integral part of our national conversation through television appearances, innovative reports on Facebook Live, a much-followed Twitter feed and contributions to Mashable.

Known for humor, folksy “Ratherisms” captivating stories, and inspiring wisdom, Dan Rather’s keynotes put you in the presence of a remarkable witness to history and our times — staying with audiences long after the final applause.


Rather Outspoken: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Reporting

Sharing wisdom gained during an extraordinary career, Dan Rather brings his unique perspective to the past 60 years of world events and the major issues of our time. His vast repertoire of subjects range from politics, government, world affairs, the economy and the state of the media, to reflections on our national character, the importance of the common good, citizenship and the most provocative issues making headlines today. Working closely with clients, Dan Rather frames his presentations to focus on preferred content areas — creating an presentation that is moving, memorable, and authentically Rather.

Leadership Principles from the World’s Most Powerful Leaders

What makes a leader great? What principles do they share? What can we learn from our most admired—and most reviled leaders? Dan Rather has interviewed every American President since Eisenhower and profiled world leaders ranging from Nelson Mandela to Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein. In this insightful presentation, he shares what he has learned from heads of state, military commanders, and the most inspiring political figures of our time. He also recounts memorable examples of leadership under fire in warzones and during disasters, crises, and tumultuous times of social and political upheaval.

Election 2016 & Beyond

The rise of Donald Trump. The political revolution of Bernie Sanders. The historic candidacy of Hillary Clinton. In a year when politics have been anything but predictable, Dan Rather puts it all in perspective. Combining his firsthand experience covering every presidential election since 1952 with his new role at the forefront of digital journalism, Rather calls it like he sees it. His “Ratherisms”, tales from the campaign trail, and accounts of election night dramas will give remarkable insights into what it takes to become an American President.

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