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Amanda "Diva" Seales

Poet, Spoken Word Artist & Media Personality


A finder of the funny and commentator on all things worth and not worth talking about, Amanda "Diva" Seales has earned her credibility as a culture critic! Seales is a multi-faceted artist who got her start as a young actress on Nickelodeon's My Brother and Me and went on to perform on the spoken word poetry scene before being chosen to appear on Russell Simmon's Def Poetry Jam in 2002 and 2005.

By combining her experience in the entertainment industry (MTV, VH1, Def Poetry Jam, Sirius Satellite Radio) with her academic background (master's in African American studies at Columbia University), Seales has made a name for herself as a respected voice on hip-hop and pop culture, women's issues, and the Black Diaspora. Her uncanny ability to seamlessly blend humor and intellect landed her on VH1's Best Week Ever and numerous specials; kept her radio show, "Breakfast at Diva's," on Sirius Satellite radio for five years; made her original web series SealesSpeakTV an Internet sensation; and made her a favorite speaker within the circuit.

A music buff, Seales has a love affair with the industry that grew as she became a recording artist herself. She released numerous EP's and went on to tour and work with greats like Q-tip, The Roots, Lupe Fiasco, and others. Her focus, however, remains on the screen. She serves as a comedy commentator and music expert on VH1; the host and creator of Diva Speak TV, a humor-based news/sketch comedy web show; host of Speaking Of... on Music Choice; host and creator of The Spark on AOL's; and star of the reality Web show Technicolor Lover on Dame Dash's

A unique brand of speaker, the focus of her work lies in building a bridge of discourse between herself and her audience. By restructuring the typical speaking format of the talking head and encouraging a forum for discussion, she urges her audiences to not only take in her information but also to provide, amongst themselves, examples and ideas for cultural/social solutions and character strengthening.

Whether she is speaking to a room full of women on how to be a "SupaWoman" through mental, physical, and emotional independence, a room of elders on how to connect to the younger generation to work together for a better future, or a room of college students on ways to preserve the hip-hop culture many feel is slowly dying, Seales combines her gifts of performance, comedy, and compassion, working to engage her audiences and leave them thinking on new levels.

Articulate, grounded, experienced, and fearless, Amanda "Diva" Seales serves as a representative of the voices of the Internet and hip-hop generation, and as a leader working tirelessly to raise the bar of intellect, self-respect, and integrity amongst them and the rest of the world.


Death of the Diva: The Destruction of the Female Icon in Pop Culture

In her latest project, a hilarious, musically infused, thought-provoking one-woman show, Amanda "Diva" Seales morphs in and out of a multitude of characters using narrative, satire, rhyme, and song to tell her theory of what caused the destruction of the mainstream media image of the iconic powerful woman and the women it has affected and will continue to affect.

Exploring the influence of imagery, she seeks to assign accountability to the lack of female images in the mainstream, and raise awareness on the repercussions that it has had and will continue to have on women. Accompanied by a DJ, three-piece band, and video imagery, the show is dynamic and interactive, compelling audiences to laugh, empathize, and nod their heads to the original musical numbers integrated throughout. Though the script is written, Seales improvises much of the performance giving every audience a show unlike any other.

Musical People: How Black Music Moves the Black Experience

Slavery begot spirituals. Reconstruction begot "the blues." Reaganomics begot "hip-hop." Throughout history the black experience in America has directly influenced the music born from the community. Within this lecture Amanda "Diva" Seales uses facts, music, and poetry, aligning history with melody to chronicle people who have challenged oppression and depression, and encouraged progression through prolific musicality.

Schoolin': Hip-Hop in Academia

Though it is a worldwide phenomenon, some still consider hip-hop a crude and baseless culture unworthy of in-depth exploration on a multiple of intellectual levels. They couldn't be more wrong. Amanda "Diva" Seales has the voice of a true hip-hop head and is a scholar on the culture. In this presentation, she breaks down why hip-hop not only belongs in academia as a cultural form worthy of study, but why it is an essential tool for education and a critical part of discussing the current social sphere of America.

Beats, Rhymes & My Life

In this hilarious and riveting presentation, Amanda "Diva" Seales blends poetry, comedy, rapping, and singing, sharing lessons, stories, and anecdotes from her journey as a child TV actress on Nickelodeon to a globally known personality and artisan on MTV, VH1, and more.

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