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Aaron McGruder

Creator of "The Boondocks"


A combination of childhood antics, contemporary political-social satire and a young man’s love of hip-hop, Aaron McGruder’s groundbreaking comic strip, The Boondocks, has turned into a national, thought-provoking hit in both print and on television, challenging minds and attitudes with a searing satirical bent.

As a series on Cartoon Network, The Boondocks continues to entice, engage, and enrage with its racially-charged and edgy commentary on the way the world is today. When McGruder started crafting the original comic strip ten years ago, he just wanted to improve the state of racial discourse and expand the humor on newspaper comic pages. Now a cultural phenomena, The Boondocks thrives on McGruder’s unapologetically political, socially confrontational, and entertaining viewpoint.

The Boondocks has been published as anthologies in Public Enemy #2 and A Right to be Hostile, and McGruder has co-authored the graphic novel, Birth of a Nation. Pulling no punches, he skewers any and all politicians, leaders, and social targets with equal parts honesty and scathing commentary. As one of the youngest, freshest, and sharpest humorists today, he tackles the prickly issues with his outspoken and subversively funny perspective.


So, You Elected A Negro…

Fans of The Boondocks daily newspaper comic have missed the strip's day-to-day perspective on world events, especially during campaign ‘08. Now the Boondocks creator shares his up-to-the-minute thoughts on this historic election. Audiences will get a rare glimpse into McGruder's opinion of Barack Obama, observations on the media, and tips on how to survive your first black president.

The Boondocks: All The Rage

The comic strip that was often too much for newspapers has become the show that's too much for cable television.
Aaron McGruder discusses the tumultuous history of The Boondock's past and present. From his 9/11 strips banned in New York to the BET episodes banned from air this year, McGruder discusses the politics, themes, and characters that have so often landed him in hot water. Fans of the show will have a rare opportunity to dialogue directly with McGruder about the creative process and the worldview that informs the strip, as well as get a sneak peek at McGruder's upcoming projects.

Negrology: State of the Black America

Negrology (n) - 1. The science of exploring, understanding, and demystifying all aspects of the American Negro".

Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper

A Right to Be Hostile

The Ethics of Dissent

The Politics of the Boondocks

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