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Featured on NBC Nightly News: APB Speaker Albert Manero is Changing Lives through Limbitless

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APB speaker Albert Manero, recent Ph.D. recipient in mechanical engineering from University of Central Florida, was inspired by families in need to create Limbitless, an organization that provides mechanical limbs for children.

Featured on NBC Nightly News, Manero’s non-profit organization has changed the lives of many. Striving to alleviate the financial burden families face when a child needs a prosthetic, the organization gives $350 prosthetic arms at no cost. More so, Manero’s innovative blueprint has been replicated on the global scale in over 176 countries.

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A proponent of placing community values before corporate profits, Manero explores the new paradigm of "compassionate innovation," sharing how he used science as a tool for change to mold an incredibly special organization.

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