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APB Speaker Jared Cohen Has Conversation with Pope Francis on “The Next 5 Billion”

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APB speaker Jared Cohen, the chairman for Google Ideas, recently met with Pope Francis at the Vatican for a private meeting with Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google parent company Alphabet and former Google CEO. Pope Francis has become well-known as the most tech-savvy pope, and influential at that. With over 8 million followers on Twitter, both Cohen and Schmidt would like to work with Pope Francis to help bridge the gap between societies.

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In Cohen’s keynote presentation, The Next 5 Billion: Life in Our Connected Age, he explores a vision of our increasingly interconnected world as five billion new users join the digital age over the next decade. Vastly different from the current 2 billion who are online, this next 5 billion will come from some of the most problematic parts of the world – regions wrought with political and economic instability – and will require different customer service and interactions than the current “first world” users. Part of Cohen’s meeting with Pope Francis was to discuss how this gap may be spanned.

A widely read author and sought-after speaker, Cohen was named one of TIME’s “100 most influential people” and one of Foreign Policy's “Top 100 Global Thinkers.” Offering an unparalleled exploration into the rapid advancement of technology, he teaches organizations how to tackle their toughest problems and herald in a new age of leadership in the digital age.

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