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Commencement / Convocations

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What are the characteristics of a Commencement / Convocation Speaker?

For over 44 years, American Program Bureau (APB) has been planning commencement activities and providing keynote speakers to colleges, universities and secondary schools nationwide. We know, firsthand, the importance of selecting an intelligent, interesting voice to deliver an inspiring message on such a momentous occasion. Not only is the content important, but we know colleges and universities seek someone who will add prestige to the ceremony and draw recognition to the educational values and goals of the institution. A commencement speaker is about finding more than a "name"– it’s about finding someone whose message aligns with the mission of your school and whose words touch and encourage the graduating class as they leave campus and take their next steps.

At APB, we have developed an entire listing of experienced and highly recommended commencement speakers to help make your day a success. Whether you’re looking for a world leader to impart a message of unity, a business mogul to share a personal story of triumph and perseverance, or an author with insight into the looming “what now?” question every graduating student faces, at APB we have speakers to cover it all.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers: Commencement / Convocations

APB’s top commencement and convocation speakers focus on providing engaging and memorable experiences including the inspiring founder of, Jeff Taylor, Chair of the Board at the United Way, Johnetta Cole, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Desmond Tutu, and celebrated New York Times columnist and best-selling author, Nicholas Kristof, our commencement speakers will inspire and motivate your class on this very momentous occasion.

Commencement / Convocations: Being Positive

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor
Founder of &

As founder of and, speaker Jeff Taylor is recognized as a visionary business leader. He advises businesses on how to break away from the competition.

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Commencement / Convocations: Civic Engagement

Johnnetta B. Cole

Johnnetta Cole
President Emerita of Spelman College & Bennett College for Women

Speaker Johnnetta B. Cole is President Emerita of both Bennett College and Spelman College. She fights for diversity, justice, health, and safety.

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Commencement / Convocations: Finding Your Passion

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Commencement / Convocations: Global Activism

Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof
Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Columnist

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, Kristof is an extraordinary thinker, human rights advocate, and astute chronicler of humanity. As a seasoned journalist who has traveled China, Africa, India, and South Asia, he offers a compassionate glimpse into such issues as global health, poverty and gender in the developing world. He is the co-author of Half the Sky, China Wakes and the recently released A Path Appears.

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