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Social Sciences

Our speakers on the social sciences present fascinating keynote speeches on how humans operate on a micro and macro level - within the depths of their brains as well as within society as a whole. Covering subjects such as anthropology, psychology, and sociology, APB's social science speakers not only discuss these fields in terms of their educational value but offer ways of applying them for everyday use - in business and other organizations.

Social Sciences

Senior Partner at John Zogby Strategies, Seasoned & Successful Forecaster

Hailed a "maverick predictor," speaker John Zogby is a skilled pollster and trendspotter whose latest research sheds light on how to better understand, recruit, and retain the Millennial generation in today's...

Child & Family Psychiatrist

Co-writer of the syndicated column "Families Today" and co-author of Touchpoints: Three to Six, speaker Joshua Sparrow focuses on child development and family dynamics.

Social Critic & Intellectual

An activist, social critic, and one of the nation's most notable African American leaders, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is among a new generation of public intellectuals who move with equal ease between Faculty Row and Fraternity Row, "the street" and...


She is not only the first African American, but also the first person in the world, to use DNA to trace her ancestors from one continent, to two other continents. Performing her DNA tests in 1999, she used the family nicknames that survived in...

Best-Selling Author & Urbanist

Richard Florida is the author of the best-selling books The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It’s Transforming Work, Leisure Community and Everyday Life, The Flight of the Creative Class, and his latest book, Who’s Your City?,...

Author & Therapist

Co-author of Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence, Karr-Morse presents compelling evidence that violent behavior in children is linked to abuse and neglect that occurs in the first three years of life. As director of The...

Psychologist & Author

Ross W. Greene, PhD, is originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach, author of the highly acclaimed books The Explosive Child and Lost at School, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at...

Internationally Recognized Expert on School Crisis

Dr. Scott Poland is an internationally recognized expert and pioneer in school suicide prevention. He is a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), as well as the former Prevention Division Director for the...

Inspiration for NYT Bestseller Sex on the Moon

Thad Roberts is a former NASA employee whose ethereal crime caper inspired the book Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History.

Psychologist & Consultant

Author of the bestseller, Real Boys, Dr. Pollack brings innovative insight to both workplace and family relationships. An expert in motivating professionals by understanding the hidden psychology behind outward behavior, Pollack addresses...

Human Behavior Expert

Dr. Phillip McGraw, #1 New York Times best-selling author and Oprah's resident expert on human behavior, is clearly one of the world's most recognized experts in the strategy and management of life.

Child & Family Psychologist

Speaker Michael Thompson has worked in over 200 schools nationwide. He co-wrote the bestseller Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys.

Psychologist & Stereotype Expert

Speaker Claude Steele is an expert on "stereotype threat," the notion that students who belong to negatively stereotyped groups are likely to perform less well.

Author, Psychologist, Expert on Violence & Children

Dr. James Garbarino holds the Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology and was founding Director of the Center for the Human Rights of Children at Loyola University Chicago. An expert on youth violence and bullying, Dr. Garbarino has served...

Sociologist / Author

Director of the Program for the Study of Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University. Author of "Killer on Campus". An authority on school crime and violence, Dr. Levin offers strategies and solutions for keeping students safe.

Human Genetics & Evolution Expert

An authority on genetics, ethics and the human future, speaker Gregory Stock discusses everything from designer babies to the slowing down of the aging process.

Photographer / Author / Expert on Supercentenarians

Founder of Earth's Elders Foundation, Jerry Friedman has spent the past four years on a landmark project to introduce the world to the sixty oldest people on earth. Through his globe-trotting journey to document their lives, Friedman has become...

Author / Speaker

Jawanza Kunjufu is the author of over 25 books including national bestsellers, Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys, State of Emergency: We Must Save African American Males, Solutions for Black America, Keeping Black Boys Out of...

Professor of Science Education & Author, and Minorities in Energy Ambassador for the Department of Energy

Christopher Emdin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University, where he also serves as Director of Secondary School Initiatives at the Urban Science Education Center...

Educator & Social Justice Advocate

A former inner city teacher, Kozol has been an activist and advocate for social justice and equity in public education for over 40 years. His newest book, Letters to a Young Teacher, reignites a number of controversial issues: the mania of...

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