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Patient Voice

Placing patients as passive recipients of care and information is shifting to one where patients are seen as partners and collaborators. This is not only enhancing the patient experience and the care they receive, but in how evidence is generated. Collaboration between patient, research, and clinician communities to improve the quality of healthcare delivery and research will improve health outcomes as well as the overall quality of healthcare delivery. APB’s Patient Voices share their personal experiences navigating the current health system, providing compelling cases for what patients need from the future and ways those changes can be enacted for the benefit of all.

Patient Voice

President of Keep Shedding! Inc. & Change Expert

Kathy B. Dempsey, award winning author, keynote speaker and change expert, is President of Keep Shedding! Inc. As a former hospital executive, she strategically led Memorial Health Care System’s organizational development efforts to become one of...

Author & CBS Contributor

After ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff was wounded in Iraq, he and his wife, speaker Lee Woodruff, penned the best-selling In an Instant to help others cope with crisis.

Author of the Best Selling Book Miracles from Heaven

Christy Wilson Beam is the author of the New York Times Best Selling Book MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN. Her book was adapted into a major motion picture by Sony Pictures Entertainment, starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah, and has been praised as...

Actor / Patient Safety Advocate

With over 30 years of professional acting experience, Dennis Quaid has established himself as a fixture on the silver screen. Quaid has received honors from the New York Film Critics Circle, Independent Spirit Awards, the Emmys and the Screen...

Champion Snowboarder & Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Kevin Pearce, former professional snowboarder, is an inspirational public speaker and co-founder of the LoveYourBrain Foundation. He is an advocate for the prevention of brain injuries and the promotion of a brain healthy lifestyle.

Best-selling Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, Host of Exactly

A gifted storyteller and talented interviewer, Kelly Corrigan has touched hearts and captured audiences
with the themes of her three New York Times best-selling memoirs about family.

Patient Rights Activist, Artist, Author, Speaker & Founder of the Walking Gallery

After losing her husband to a 17-year battle with cancer, Speaker Regina Holliday became a passionate advocate for improving the patient experience. Her custom presentations often include her breathtaking...

Two Time Olympic Judo Gold Medalist

Kayla Harrison made history by being the first American (man or woman) to win two gold medals in Judo at the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her victory marks another step in a career characterized by success at the sport’s...

Subject of Extraordinary Measures

When his children were diagnosed with a rare and fatal disorder, John Crowley embarked on a journey to find a cure. His story was told in the film Extraordinary Measures.

"e-Patient Dave"

After being diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer, speaker Dave deBronkart turned to the e-patient movement and used the Internet to beat this unbeatable disease.

Co-Founder, Chief Visionary Office & Chair of the Board of Eliza Corporation

For over 20 years, Alexandra Drane has focused on using technology to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Bringing passion, humor, authenticity and inspiration to a global audience, Drane is one of the most sought-after...

Spinal Cord Injury-Recovering Athlete & Motivator

A world-renowned athlete and adventurer, speaker Grant Korgan continues to climb and ski around the globe after having suffered a spinal cord injury.

Boston Marathon Bombing Hero & Best-Selling Author

A survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing and National Hero, Jeff shares his story in a presentation that will uplift and inspire.

Motivational Keynote Speaker & Interdisciplinary Artist

Hailed as “life-changing,” “riveting,” “extraordinary,” “bold” and “deeply moving” by audiences worldwide, Allison Massari’s motivational and artistic message of courage, compassion and perseverance resonates with participants long after an event...

Lung Transplant Survivor & Author of Sick Girl Speaks

Tiffany Christensen was born with cystic fibrosis & has received two life-saving double lung transplants. She is the author of Sick Girl Speaks & We Are the Change.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor & Amputee

On April 15, 2013, what is referred to as Marathon Monday in Boston, Heather Abbott of Newport, RI set out on an annual tradition with six friends. They would attend the Red Sox game, followed by a walk over to the Boston Marathon finish line to...

Author of A Life Everlasting

When Sarah Gray received the devastating news that her unborn son Thomas was diagnosed with anencephaly, a terminal condition, she decided she wanted his death—and life—to have meaning. Author of A Life Everlasting, her story is an...

Actor & Stroke Survivor

Best known as “Hercules,” Kevin Sorbo was the picture of health and fitness until he suffered three strokes at the age of 38. With a message that’s particularly relevant to men who may deny warning signs, he shares “how nearly dying saved my life...

Big Data Expert & Professor, Math & Statistics

Dr. Talithia Williams is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. She recently gave a TED talk (currently over 1 million views) titled “Own Your Body’s Data.” She exemplifies the role of teacher and scholar through outstanding...

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivor & Inspirational Motivator

When Angel Colon decided to go out for a fun night with his friends on June 11th 2016, he had no idea that his life would be changed forever. The Pulse Nightclub attack, the deadliest shooting in US history, changed Colon's life forever as a...

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