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GLBTQ Issues

APB is proud to represent an impressive array of speakers who passionately advocate civil rights. These gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (GLBTQ) issues speakers' inspirational and motivational keynotes challenge us to stand up for our fellow human beings, regardless of their sexual orientation. With the recent Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage across the US, these speakers on GLBTQ issues remind us that the fight for equal rights is relevant and crucial to the fabric of the American Dream.

GLBTQ Issues

Founder, President & CEO of Raising Change

Kathy LeMay is the founder, president, and CEO of Raising Change, which helps organizations raise capital to advance social change agendas and individuals create Generosity Plans to help change the world.

Writer, Theologian & Gay & Lesbian Activist

The Reverend Monroe is an ordained minister, religion columnist, public theologian, and motivational speaker. As an African American feminist theologian, she speaks for a sector of society that is frequently invisible.

Emmy-Winning Actress

With an award-winning career spanning across a diversity of roles in television, theater and film, Light is best known for having captivated audiences with her portrayal of “Angela Bower” on the hit comedy series Who's the Boss? A...

Award-Winning Actress & Activist

Known for her performance in the 1992 blockbuster Basic Instinct, speaker Sharon Stone supports organizations that serve the lesbian, gay and HIV/AIDS community.

Gay Student Activist

Jonathan Perry, who is HIV positive, founded Johnson C. Smith University's first official, gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender (GLBT) organization and is actively involved in HIV-education programs on campus. As a senior at the historically...


Cynthia Nixon has completed her final season of HBO's celebrated series, Sex and the City, in which she played "Miranda Hobbes," a role that garnered her 2002 and 2003 Emmy nominations. Whether on television or on stage, Nixon is known...

Basketball Superstar & Motivator

Noted as "one of the best players ever" in the WNBA, speaker Sheryl Swoopes was the first woman to have a Nike shoe named after her.

Broadway Star

Arguably one of the greatest voices of the new millennium, Holliday gives concerts throughout the world and performs with many symphonies across the country. Having lived with depression for over ten years, she found the way to seek help and...

President of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Susan N. Herman was elected President of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in October 2008, after having served as a member of the ACLU Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and as General Counsel. Herman has been a frequent speaker...

Award-Winning Musical

The award-winning musical “Invisible Thread” documents the true story of Griffin Matthews, a black American who is battling to find his place in a world full of injustice and inhumanity. Based on the formation of his grassroots non-profit...

International Bestselling Author & Founder of Moral Courage TV

In her internationally acclaimed work, Prof. Manji role models the key teaching of moral courage: that doing the right thing in the face of our fears makes us whole. A senior fellow at the University of Southern California, Prof. Manji is an...

Author, LGBTQ Rights Advocate

Jessica Herthel is the co-author of the critically acclaimed children’s picture book, I Am Jazz. Today Jessica travels around the country primarily speaking to students, parents, teachers, counselors, and superintendents about using the...

Rabbinical Student & Sociologist

Sandra Lawson is a rabbinical student at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, in Wyncote PA just outside of Philadelphia. These days Sandra is using her rabbinic training to bring Judaism to where people already are in their lives.

CEO, Commissioned Poet & Author, Millennial Advocate

Azure Antoinette has written poems for Maria Shriver and the American Cancer Society, speaking on universal human issues. Using performance poetry to explore the effects of technology on culture, her work...

Founder of Comfort Cases

Rob Scheer founded Comfort Cases in 2013. Comfort Cases is an all-volunteer charitable organization that provides overnight bags, pajamas, hygiene items, activities, and comfort items to children and teens transitioning into foster care.

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