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Whether you view the United States as a melting pot or a mixing bowl, the fact remains that our nation is richly diverse. APB is proud to represent an extensive roster of diversity speakers whose keynotes address the multicultural nature of our nation. These speakers on diversity discuss the importance of valuing one's particular identity—whether that be a specific ethnic, gender, or racial assignation—while recognizing the common threads that bind us.


Former Treasurer of the United States

Rosario Marin, former Treasurer of the United States, firmly believes that "of him to whom much is given, much is expected." She has served as the highest-ranking Latina in the Bush Administration and the first U.S. Treasurer born outside of the...

Educator / Attorney / Author

A human relations and education expert, Dr. Kuykendall has gained national recognition for her extensive talents and expertise in promoting problem resolution. She is President of her own firm, K.I.R.K., Inc., established to provide "Kreative...


For nearly two decades, Peete has been a television star with high-profile roles that cross over between comedy and drama. Married to Carolina Panthers quarterback Rodney Peete, the Peetes have formed a foundation HollyRod, with the mission to...

Creator, "Secret Asian Man" Comic

Speaker Tak Toyoshima is a self-described product of creativity bred in the midst of multicultural experiences. He is Beer Advocate Magazine's art director.

Inspirational Basketball Coach

As coach of the Rutgers women's basketball team, speaker Vivian Stringer showed grace under fire during the Imus debacle and led her team the national championship.

Athlete & Motivator

Although physically challenged, speaker Roger Crawford became the first athlete with a severe handicap to compete in a NCAA Division I college sport.

Adventurer, Author, World- Class Motivational Speaker

Born in Apartheid era, South Africa, Neal Petersen was the least likely person to become an international yachtsman and successful businessman. He overcame the most insurmountable of circumstances and through incredible perseverance and driving...

Educator, Author & Activist

Dr. Muñoz has been honored as one of 28 1960s civil rights activists "Who accomplished Extraordinary Deeds that changed the face of the Nation and gave birth to the Modern Civil Rights Movement." He was the founding chair of the first Chicano...

Television Journalist, Correspondent & Producer

Speaker Juju Chang is an Emmy Award-winning correspondent for 20/20 and Nightline who has covered Haiti's earthquake and the mine disaster in West Virginia.

Political Commentator & TV Personality

From his celebrated conversations with world figures to his work to inspire the next generation of leaders, Tavis Smiley—broadcaster, author, publisher, advocate, and philanthropist—has emerged as an outstanding voice for change. Smiley is...

Cross-Cultural Performance

In The Color Orange, long-time friends Mohammed Bilal and Josh "Boac" Goldstein challenge American notions by offering a vibrant new look at race, racism and how we get along.

Award-Winning Actress, Dancer & Singer

Rita Moreno is one of a select group of only eight living performers to have achieved entertainment's grand slam, having won all four of the most prestigious awards in show business: the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony, and the Grammy.

Basketball Superstar & Motivator

Noted as "one of the best players ever" in the WNBA, speaker Sheryl Swoopes was the first woman to have a Nike shoe named after her.

GLBT Expert

Named "the godfather of gay sensitivity training" by The New York Times, McNaught is the best-selling author of three watershed books on gay issues, and is the country's leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with gay issues in the...

Award-Winning Actor, Lost

An award-winning actor known for his role as "Benjamin Linus" in the hit series Lost, Michael Emerson is a 2009 Emmy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and a 2010 Golden Globe nominee for Best Performance by an Actor...

CNN News Anchor

As an anchors on CNN Newsroom and a network correspondent, speaker Fredricka Whitfield reports on breaking news events worldwide.

Expert on Race Relations

Leading the way as an academic voice on race relations, Dr. Tukufu Zuberi is an inspiring champion for social justice. He hosts PBS's The History Detectives.

First Hispanic MLB Franchise Owner

Linda Alvarado made history as the first Hispanic owner of a Major League Baseball franchise. She was named among the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America.

Civil Rights Activist / Television Personality

In 1995, Judge Greg Mathis was elected one of the youngest Judges in America. His election became a national success story and a symbol of hope for urban youth who are struggling to overcome the modern-day pressures and hardships of poverty,...

NBA Hall of Famer & Businessman

Speaker Dominique Wilkins demonstrates the team-building and leadership skills that helped him on the court, in the community, and in his battle with diabetes.

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