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In the face of adversity, one can either shrink away and ignore the added burden, or embrace it and grow stronger as a result. APB is proud to present a phenomenal list of disabilities speakers, whose inspirational and motivational keynotes inspire audiences to overcome any challenge. Having overcome physical and mental setbacks and gone on to model, compete in championships, and star in television shows, these speakers on disabilities are inspirational.


Sergeant Involved in Shootout with Boston Marathon Bombers

In the early morning of Friday, April 19th, 2013, Donohue, then a patrol officer, responded to back up local law enforcement officers in Watertown, Massachusetts. A gun battle ensued with two suspects who were later identified as the Boston...

Radio Talk-Show Host

Heralded as a "class act of the talk radio world," broadcast journalist, Rehm has become one of the nation's most respected radio talk-show hosts. In Rehm's warmly received new memoir, Finding My Voice, she talks about her childhood,...

Adventurer, Author, World- Class Motivational Speaker

Born in Apartheid era, South Africa, Neal Petersen was the least likely person to become an international yachtsman and successful businessman. He overcame the most insurmountable of circumstances and through incredible perseverance and driving...

Chairman, Special Olympics

Tim Shriver is a social leader, an educator, author, film producer, and entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of Special Olympics, and in that capacity he serves with over 4.4 million Special Olympics athletes and their families in 170 countries.

Autism Activist & Mother of Temple Grandin

Raising her autistic daughter in the '50s, a time when the condition was misdiagnosed as mental illness, Eustacia Cutler has dedicated her life to raising autism awareness.

Professor, Motivator & Consultant

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Jonathan Kaufman’s disability has been a profound part of his personal, academic, and professional lives. Today, Professor Kaufman is seen as one of the most innovative thinkers in the diversity and disability arena.

First Legally Deaf Player in NBA History & Best-Selling Author

Hearing impaired since birth and raised in an extremist polygamist commune, Lance Allred is a best-selling author with a story that is truly one of a kind. Having traveled the world for a decade, Allred has walked the walk, and excels in his four...

Spinal Cord Injury-Recovering Athlete & Motivator

A world-renowned athlete and adventurer, speaker Grant Korgan continues to climb and ski around the globe after having suffered a spinal cord injury.


For nearly two decades, Peete has been a television star with high-profile roles that cross over between comedy and drama. Married to Carolina Panthers quarterback Rodney Peete, the Peetes have formed a foundation HollyRod, with the mission to...

Paralympic Medalist

Once told he may never walk again, speaker Mike Schlappi is now a two-time world champion in wheelchair basketball. He inspires people from all walks of life.

Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor and Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor

Seth’s “take-no-prisoners” approach toward identifying and eradicating inefficiencies, coupled with his driven leadership and commitment to accountability, transformed the once-maligned U.S. Department of Labor into the federal government’s...

Founder of Kanchi & The Ability Awards

A visually impaired social entrepreneur working to enhance the relationship between disability and society, Caroline has received several high profile awards in recognition of her work worldwide. She was the first Irish person to be appointed a...

First Ever Blind Contestant & Winner of MasterChef

The first ever blind contestant and winner of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef on Fox, Christine Ha is the author of Recipes from My Home Kitchen.

Athlete, Runway Model, Actress & Double Amputee

A bilateral below-the-knee amputee, Mullins is a champion track star, writer, actress and highly successful runway model. Advisory Board Member and Journalist on the Oxygen Network, she is an inspiring speaker.

Leading Expert on Human/Machine Integration

After having a computer implanted in his head to allow him to recover his hearing, speaker Michael Chorost concluded that machines enhance rather than diminish our humanity.

Athlete & Motivator

Although physically challenged, speaker Roger Crawford became the first athlete with a severe handicap to compete in a NCAA Division I college sport.

Adventurer / Author / Motivational Speaker

An adventurer, motivational speaker, and author of A Test of Will: One Man’s Extraordinary Story of Survival, Warren Macdonald recalls the horror of a 1997 climbing accident that left him caught under a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall...

Former Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Rocky Bleier overcame severe combat wounds to play for the Steelers. His story is a tale of courage on both the football fields of America and the battlefields of Vietnam.

Former Treasurer of the United States

Rosario Marin, former Treasurer of the United States, firmly believes that "of him to whom much is given, much is expected." She has served as the highest-ranking Latina in the Bush Administration and the first U.S. Treasurer born outside of the...

Inventors & Engineers of Extreme Artificial Limbs

Together, Casey Pieretti (a stuntman, actor and athlete) and Bill Spracher (an engineer) host Bionic Builders, a Discovery special. They are co-owners of Amp'dGear Performance Amputee Sporting Gear.

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