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Company History

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The Evolution of an Industry Leader

A pioneering force in the lecture industry, American Program Bureau (APB) truly created the medium for people to see the most exciting and popular personalities, hear cutting-edge ideas, and experience the leaders, activists, and innovators of the day, live and in person, unedited and unfiltered by mass media.

Upon founding APB in 1965, Robert P. Walker reinvented the rather staid lecture by creating "infotainment" to transmit the innovative intellectual excitement of a dynamic time in an entertaining format. From colleges to town halls and community forums, and on to corporations and trade and professional associations, this "fourth medium" offered audiences what they could not get elsewhere. To this day, APB's culture of innovation continues to define each era while always looking into the future.

"When I founded APB in the 1960s, the most important voices of a generation didn't have a way to get their message out. They needed to be heard and I wanted to find a way to make it happen."

-Robert P. Walker, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Through the Years

APB Founder Robert Walker Alongside Some of the Great Voices of APB